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     One day I met the church secretary hurrying toward the sanctuary with various linens draped over her arms. "I've got to change the condiments," she said.     

     Many churches that follow the Liturgical Year calendar change their communion table and pulpit paraments to whatever color represents each season. But condiments? I did a double-take.   

     "You're about to change what?"

     "Oh, I meant paraments. I get those two words mixed up."

     I confessed to her that I also get 'condiments' mixed up with some other word. "But it's not paraments," I said.

     Over a month later, while packing travel-size toothpaste, hair conditioner and such for a week away from home, I remembered! The word I confuse with condiments is toiletries.

     There's no explaining why or how either of us can possibly get those words mixed up. But so long as no mustard appears on the communion table and I don't shampoo my hair with mayonnaise, the mix-ups should prove harmless.

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