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Bird Power

     While listening to—watching, actually—a cardinal sing on an electrical wire one early a.m., it occurred to me that, if humans had comparable vocal volume per ounce of weight, microphones might never have been invented. Or needed.

     Similarly, were humans to gain the memory of a mockingbird, our species could quote entire Shakespearean soliloquies—heck, maybe the whole plays (yikes)—by rote.

       If our vision were as good as an eagle's eyes, scientists' reliance on microscopes and telescopes would be hugely diminished or unnecessary.

     Should the grip in our hands match the strength in a screech owl's wee talons, we…uhh…might not fall out of trees? Oops, one analogy too many.

     The bottom line being, we who are earthbound have reason to look up to and admire the miracles flitting about above us.

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